Play Quizzes and Learn

Go to the main page and select a quizz:

  • Click on the Categories block and navigate among the categories to filter the quizzes based on your preferred subjets.
  • Or type a keyword in the Search area to find matching quizzes.
  • Or trust others' choices: try a quizz from the list of games currently played.

Some quizzes are time-limited. In such cases, once you've selected the game, you'll get a splash screen waiting for your confirmation before the questions are displayed.

A quizz is generally made of several questions. There are several kinds of questions. Click on the Help icon to read how to play to the specific type of question in case this is not obvious.

Share your Knowledge: Create your Own Quizzes

Do you like learning through games? Do you want to share your own knowledge with other Neuroneo visitors?

Go to Neuroneo welcome page, and log in. If you have no account yet, you can log in using your Facebook account or create your own Neuroneo account (it's completely free!). Then go to your Home page, and start the creation of a new quiz.

At this moment, the new quiz is not published, it can't be played by users.

Start by editing the quiz title and its description: these are critical to encourage visitors to try the quiz!

Select the quiz options:

  • Select the language of the quiz.
  • Enter keywords describing the quiz: people will be able to find the quiz by looking for these keywords on the welcome page.
  • If you want to put a time limit on the quiz, just click and indicate the maximum time in seconds.
  • If you don't want the quiz to be playable by everyone, you can click on the "Quiz is public" option to make it private: a key-based URL will be generated, and the quiz will be reachable using this full URL only.

Add questions... Here is where your creativity and your knowledge are needed! Click on the "Add a question..." button and select the type of question you want to include.

Click on the "Give a Try" button to preview your new quiz in preview mode.

When you're ready, click on "Publish It". Users will then be able to play your game, and you'll see the statistics on your Home page.

If you want to make changes on your quiz, select your quiz on your home page, click "Edit (create a draft)". You'll be brought to the edit mode, in which you'll make any modification. The changes won't be visible by end users until you publish the new version. Once the new version is published, it will replace the previous one.

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